Event Pictures


Workshop opening

Welcome addresses

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • INPE’s Director, Dr. Gilberto Camara
  • BMU-GTZ, Mr. Ulrich Krammenschneider, GTZ Director for Brazil

 “Workshop introduction” ( Danilo Mollicone, Univ. Alcala –Coalition for Rainforest Nations)

REDD under the UNFCCC and relation with the monitoring objectives of the workshop” (Thelma Krug, INPE)

Session I - “Earth observation satellites: current status and future plans”

Session II -  “Monitoring at global and regional scales”

  • “The Trees project: the JRC experience since 1992” (Hugh Eva, JRC)
  • "The FRA 2010 Remote Sensing Survey: forest area and change assessment under the FAO Global Forest Resource Assessment 2010" ( Adam Gerrand , FAO)
  • “Global quantification of forest cover loss from 2000 to 2005” (Matthew Hansen, SDSU)
  • “MODIS Burnt area products” (Luigi Boschetti, UMD/NASA)
  • “FORAF: Forest Monitoring in Central Africa” (Hugh Eva, JRC)

Session III - “Monitoring at national scale”

Session IV - “Meeting the potential monitoring requirements for REDD under the UNFCCC”

  • Methodological aspects related to forest area change assessment through remote sensing : views from GOFC-GOLD
  • Sourcebook on REDD (Martin Herold, GOFC-GOLD Office)
  • Highlights on forest degradation
  • Monitoring forest degradation through remote sensing
  • Direct approach (Brazil)
  • Indirect approach (PNG)

Brazil Rainforest Analysis Sets Off Political Debate

Potentiel du Cameroun en matičre de REDD

MONITORING OF VEGETATION COVER - Gerencia de Inventario Forestal y Geom Geomática