The Instrumentation Laboratory for Aquatic Systems (LabISA) was created in late 2013 by researchers from both Remote Sensing (DSR) and Image Processing (DPI) divisions of the Earth Observation Coordination (OBT) of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). It was motivated by the increasing number of studies focused on the application of remote sensing for assessing physical, chemical and biological properties of inland waters, by recent technological advances and by the growing demand of the rational use of fresh water. Within this context, the OBT/INPE acquired a set of equipment to carry out optical and limnological measurements in aquatic environments, using funds available for research projects promoted by FAPESP, CNPq and ANEEL / FURNAS.
The main laboratory activity is the collection of data on optical and limnological properties of inland and coastal waters for:
  • bio-optical characterization;
  • development of bio-optical models;
  • validation of satellite data acquired on aquatic environments.
  • Correção atmosférica de imagens dos sensores orbitais abordo das plataformas Landsat 5-7-8, Sentinel 2-3, EOS-Terra e Aqua, CBERS-4, para aplicação em estudos de águas interiores (traduzir)
The LabISA also seeks the continued training of human resources in order to expand the research group skills and foster the advancement of an even incipient field in Brazil.
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