Atmospheric correction methods for the retrieval of the orange contra-band from multispectral data


The purpose of this work is to evaluate two methods of atmospheric correction (AC) applied to multispectral images from the Operational Land Imager (OLI) in order to retrieve the orange contra-band (590-635 nm). It is useful to obtain spectral information related to the presence of phycocyanin (PC) in inland waters. This pigment concentration indicates the presence of cyanobacteria in the water and can be detected by remote sensors with bands covering the absorption peak of the PC (620 nm). The AC algorithms tested the Acolite and 6S processors and were applied to multispectral data from the OLI multispectral sensor, onboard Landsat 8. The orange contra-bands calculated with the images corrected by those two methods were compared with the one estimated with reflectance data obtained in-situ for validation. It showed that, for this dataset, Acolite has performed better (MAE = 1.38; BIAS = 0.87).