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Here you will find some information on data related to SPRING:
  • ASCII-SPRING format for data exchange:

    The lack of national standards for geographic data exchange is one of the biggest impediments for a greater diffusion of Geoprocessing technology in Brazil. When establishing a GIS in an organization, the cost for converting data in an heterogeneous environment where these spatial data come from diverse sources with different digital formats is very high (between 60% and 80% of the total cost). Therefore, there has been created for SPRING an ASCII data format, with its own particularities, to clearly represent the main entities in Geoprocessing.

  • Data format of SPRINGWeb:

    SPRING WEB is an application written in Java that allows the visualization of geographical data stored in a remote server. This application uses an ASCII format with simplified structure and easily reproduced by the user, besides images in the JPEG format. Find out how to use and make your data available on the Internet using SPRINGWeb (in Portuguese).

  • Data Translators for SPRING:

    We present below some data translators that make easier the use of databases from other GIS systems. These translators create ASCII-SPRING files to be further used inside a previously defined database/project.

  • Maps in ASCII - SPRING format;

  • SPRING Databases;

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