Plugins Available

TerraView has a plugin architecture. This allows many new features/functions to be easily added to the application.

To mange the list of plugins already installed or to add a new one go to the Plugin Menu >  Manage Plugins.

The following Plugins are used to establish connections with data sources or to create a new data source:

    PostGIS Connector
    PostGIS Creator
    Microsoft Access Connector
    Microsoft Access Creator
    GDAL Connector
    OGR Connector

The Plugins listed bellow group functionalities related with  Vector or Raster processing:

    Vector Processing
    Raster Processing

Spatial Analysis functions are defined in the plugin:

    Spatial Analysis

To convert  a database from an earlier version of TerraLib, use the following plugin:

    TerraLib 4.x Converter

To create Cellular Spaces use the plugin:

    Cellular Spaces