Web Time Series Servive (WTSS)

The Web Time Series Service is a plugin used to access a scientific database (SciBD) with large amount of remote sensing data and its derived products (such as  ndvi, mir, evi, nir) and serve Web Time Series in a defined point and period.
Usually, a layer is used as a background where you can choose the point of interest by clicking over the Map Display, however it is also possible to inform LAT/LONG.  The layer´s Reference System (SRID) is considered to process the Time Series.

The period can be informed/changed at  Start/End date.

A Time Series will be processed over the selected data at the server.

It is accessed through:

 Plugins > Web Time Series Service  (*)

Wtss icon
click  to open the WTSS interface


  Add a Server  inform the URL to connect to the server containing the data.  Ex: www.esensing.dpi.inpe.br/wtss
  Reconnect to the server  click here to refresh the connection to the server
  Remove the selected server entry  remove the server from the list
Selecting data

Click on the right arrow (">") to see the available information at the selected server, then selected the desired layer(s)  and  choose one or more products available.
For example: select a layer called MOD13Q1 and the products ndvi and nir.

Map Display

Draw a layer at the Map Display and click over it to pick-up a point to generate the Time Series.
Hint: The tool create by point must be selected before picking-up  points on the Map Display.

Web Time Series Frame

Check the Time Series generate and its Legend.  One colored line for each product will be displayed.

To define other time series interval change the start and end date.
inform the start date

inform the end date
Then, execute the time series again generate the time series.

It is also possible to change Location by a know Lat/Long (instead of clicking over the map), changing the values.

inform a know latitude/longitude and execute the time series again generate the time series

Location History

It shows all points (Long/Lat) used to generate the Time Series. You can review the Time Series of each of then by selecting it.

Other Tools

From Document
select the points from a file and select each point showed at the Location History frame

Save as save the selected points as a file.

create by point must be selected before you pick-up the point on the map display.

If it is not available at the list, go to  Plugins->Manage Plugins... and add Web Time Series Service.