Dataset Selection

The Dataset Selection interface shows all available datasets of the data source chosen in the Data Source Selector. 

It is accessed through:

  Project > Add Layer > From Data Source...

Follow the steps below to select the datasets:
  1. Choose a Data Source Type and one of the Available Data Sources connections.
  2. Click on Select to see the available datasets.
  3. Under the Dataset Selection Interface:
    1. Select one or more datasets checking its box.
    2. Press Select button and all datasets will appear at the TerraView main window on the Layer explorer.
Before the selection, it is possible to see a Map Preview or Data Preview of each dataset. To do that, click on preview check box and select one of the datasets by clicking over its name (or by checking its box).

Note: The preview options might take some time to show something. It depends on the complexity/size of the dataset.