Layer Exchanger

The Layer Exchanger interface is used to export a TerraLib layer to a external data source.  The list of output data sources types may vary depending on the plugins loaded (PostGIS, OGR, etc).

It is accessible through:

    Layer Explorer >  Right Clicking over a Layer-name > Exchange... (used to export a specific layer)


    Tools > Data Exchanger > Layer Exchanger... (all layers are listed and one must be selected)

To export a layer is required the following steps:
  1. Select the Input Layer .
  2. Select the Output Data Source Type (DBMS: Postgis or Access,  or Vector).
  3. Choose the Output Data Source  (it is the database-name managed by the data source type).
    1. Select one of the available connections to the database .
    2. Optionally, if there is no Output Data Source available ,click on datasource icon to define a new one to store the exported layer.
    3. If the output is not a DBMS, inform the Data Set Name and the location path where to export the input layer.
  4. Output Dataset SRID: the default SRID is the same of the input layer. Choose a different SRID if you want to reproject the input layer
  5. Optionally check Create Spatial Index.  It is only available if the data source type supports index creation.
  6. Click on OK to export the layer.
At the end of the process a successful message or a error indication will be displayed.

NOTE: some SRID´s are note recognized by PostGIS (are considered as User Defined).  Choose a valid SRID in this case, and a reprojection will take place. The message below will be displayed when the SRID is not recognized by PostGIS:

"PostGIS doens't recognize this projection. Please, reproject your data to a correct one. Or save your result as Vector File, and afterwards use Exchange to put the result in PGIS, changing the USER SRID to a valid one."