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TerraLib Developer's Guide


TerraLib is an open source GIS software library to support the development of customized geographical applications. It is written in C++ language and uses third-party libraries to provide typical GIS functions (e.g. geometry handling, image processing, spatial reference systems) and innovative functions and algorithms (e.g. spatio-temporal data processing).

This guide is aimed at GIS developers, who can understand and program in C++ language and are interested in building their own GIS applications using TerraLib.

Downloading the Source Code and Building Instructions

In this section you will find the instructions to obtain TerraLib source code, its organization and how to build the library in different programming environments, in order to start developing your applications.


TerraLib is organized in modules such that each contains everything necessary to execute only one aspect of the desired functionality. This organization is expressed on the source code 1). However, a module might be dependent on other TerraLib module and/or third-party libraries. The building tools 2) reflect the modules dependencies. This section will introduce you to the main core modules of TerraLib.

Core Modules

The link Modules gives you a general overview of all TerraLib modules and its dependencies.

Data Access Drivers

This section presents some data access drivers provided by TerraLib.

Plugin System

TerraLib funcionalities can be extended and used as plugins to other applications.

Developing Qt Applications with TerraLib Application Framework

Language Bindings


Other resources

2) as decribed in Build Instructions