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TerraView Releases

TerraView 5.3.1

2018/03/02 Win64TerraView-5.3.1-win64.exe Help_TView5.3.11)
2018/03/02 Mac OS SierraTerraView-5.3.1-macosx.dmg
2018/03/02 Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTSterralib-5.3.1-ubuntu-16.04.tar.gz2)
2018/03/02 Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTSterralib-5.3.1-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz3)

TerraView 5.3.0

2017/12/20 Win64TerraView-5.3.0-win64.exe Help_TView5.3.04)
2017/12/20 Mac OS SierraTerraView-5.3.0-macosx.dmg
2017/12/20 Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTSterralib-5.3.0-ubuntu-16.04.tar.gz5)
2017/12/20 Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTSterralib-5.3.0-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz6)

TerraLib/TerraView source code

Convenient zip files containing the entire TerraLib/TerraView code:

2018/03/02Win64 terralib-5.3.1.zip
2017/12/20Win64 terralib-5.3.0.zip
2017/12/20Linux TerraView-5.3.0-src.tar.gz

Previous Releases and previous source code...

1) , 4) Important note:
It is advisable to install and run TerraView application and use the HELP button of each interface to see the documentation, instead of access it through this link
2) , 3) , 5) , 6) Advice:
It is advisable to uninstall old versions of TerraView to avoid conflits.