Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro
Research areas: spatial analysis methods and Spatially Explicit Dynamic Modelling applied to urban studies and public health problems. Territorial studies of social inequalities and social-spatial segregation on metropolitan areas. New possibilities in computer representations of Geographical Phenomena.
Web page:
Phone: +55 12 3208 6513
E-mail: miguel (at)

Leonardo Bacelar Lima Santos
PhD Student, Epidemiology
Research areas: ????
Advisor: Dr. Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro
Phone: +55 12 3208 ????
E-mail: ????

Líliam César de Castro Medeiros
Post-Doc, Epidemiology
Research areas: Spatial Modelling, Agent Based Modeling, Complex Networks
Advisor: Dr. Antônio Miguel Vieira Monteiro
Phone: +55 12 3208 7130
E-mail: lccastro (at)

Sandra Aparecida Sandri
Research areas: Computational Intelligence
Phone: +55 12 3208 7259
E-mail: sandri (at)

Walley da Costa
Msc Student, Epidemiology
Research areas: Computational Intelligence
Advisor: Dra. Sandra Sandri
Phone: +55 12 81125249
E-mail: walley.costa (at)

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