Network Science: Theory and Applications

Ted G. Lewis 2009 Wiley

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The first comprehensive book on the emerging field of network science, Network Science: Theory and Applications is an exhaustive review of terms, ideas, and practices in the various areas of network science. In addition to introducing theory and application in easy-to-understand, topical chapters, this book describes the historical evolution of network science through the use of illustrations, tables, practice problems with solutions, case studies, and applications to related Java software. Researchers, professionals, and technicians in engineering, computing, and biology will benefit from this overview of new concepts in network science.


  1. Origins
  2. Graphs
  3. Regular Networks
  4. Random Networks
  5. Small World Networks
  6. Scale free Networks
  7. Emergence
  8. Epidemics
  9. Synchrony
  10. Influence Networks
  11. Vulnerability
  12. Netgain
  13. Biology

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