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1 /* Copyright (C) 2008 National Institute For Space Research (INPE) - Brazil.
3  This file is part of the TerraLib - a Framework for building GIS enabled applications.
5  TerraLib is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License,
8  or (at your option) any later version.
10  TerraLib is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  GNU General Public License for more details.
15  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16  along with TerraLib. See COPYING. If not, write to
17  TerraLib Team at <terralib-team@terralib.org>.
18  */
20 /*!
21  \file fe.h
23  \brief This file contains include headers for TerraLib Filter Encoding module.
24  */
28 // TerraLib
29 #include "fe/AbstractOp.h"
30 #include "fe/ArithmeticOperators.h"
31 #include "fe/BBOXOp.h"
32 #include "fe/BinaryComparisonOp.h"
33 #include "fe/BinaryLogicOp.h"
34 #include "fe/BinaryOperator.h"
35 #include "fe/BinarySpatialOp.h"
36 #include "fe/ComparisonOperators.h"
37 #include "fe/ComparisonOp.h"
38 #include "fe/Config.h"
39 #include "fe/DistanceBuffer.h"
40 #include "fe/Expression.h"
41 #include "fe/Filter.h"
42 #include "fe/FilterCapabilities.h"
43 #include "fe/Globals.h"
44 #include "fe/Visitor.h"
45 #include "fe/Function.h"
46 #include "fe/FunctionName.h"
47 #include "fe/GeometryOperands.h"
48 #include "fe/IdCapabilities.h"
49 #include "fe/Literal.h"
50 #include "fe/LogicOp.h"
51 #include "fe/ObjectId.h"
52 #include "fe/PropertyIsBetween.h"
53 #include "fe/PropertyIsLike.h"
54 #include "fe/PropertyIsNull.h"
55 #include "fe/PropertyName.h"
56 #include "fe/ScalarCapabilities.h"
57 #include "fe/SortBy.h"
58 #include "fe/SortProperty.h"
59 #include "fe/SpatialCapabilities.h"
60 #include "fe/SpatialOp.h"
61 #include "fe/SpatialOperators.h"
62 #include "fe/UnaryLogicOp.h"
64 /*!
65  \defgroup fe Filter Encoding
67  \brief This module implements the OGC Filter Encoding specification.
69  A Filter is any valid predicate expression that can
70  be formed using the elements defined in the OGC Filter Encoding specification.
71  Most of the documentation used in Filter classes were extracted
72  from the specificaton available at: http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/filter.
74  The main classes/concepts in this module are listed here. The namespace associated to the Filter Encoding module is te::fe.
75  To know more about it, see the te::fe namespace documentation.
76 */
78 namespace te
79 {
80  /*!
81  \brief Namespace for the Filter Encoding module of TerraLib.
82  */
83  namespace fe
84  {
85  } // end namespace fe
86 } // end namespace te
A sort property name and order type.
The PropertyIsNull class encodes an operator that checks to see if the value of its content is NULL...
It is used to indicate what types of comparison operators are supported by a service.
A convenient and more compact way of encoding the very common bounding box constraint based on an env...
It represents a sort by expression.
An abstract interface for operators.
Geometry operands.
A logical operator can be used to combine two or more conditional expressions.
A class for binary spatial operators.
This class can be used to represent literal values.
A spatial operator determines whether its geometric arguments satisfy the stated spatial relationship...
Spatial operators.
It is used to list the function names that are supported and the number of arguments each function re...
A Filter is any valid predicate expression.
A logical operator can be used to combine one or more conditional expressions.
URI C++ Library.
Distance buffer operator.
This is an abstract class that models a Filter Encoding expression.
Spatial capabilities include the ability to filter spatial data.
It is used to indicate what arithmetic operators the a service can support.
An static class with global definitions.
This class can be used to create capabilities document of services that use filter encoding...
The PropertyIsBetween element is defined as a compact way of encoding a range check.
Configuration flags for the TerraLib Filter Encoding module.
A comparison operator is used to form expressions that evaluate the mathematical comparison between t...
A function is a named procedure that performs a distinct computation.
Id capabilities include the ability to refer to elements in a GML version 3 data source using an ogc:...
This class can be used to represent binary operation expressions.
A class for binary comparison operators.
Scalar capabilities include the ability to process logical expressions, comparisons and arithmetic op...
A logical operator that can be used to combine one conditional expressions.
It is intended to encode a character string comparison operator with pattern matching.