te::rp::Algorithm Class Referenceabstract

Raster Processing algorithm base interface. More...

#include <Algorithm.h>

Inheritance diagram for te::rp::Algorithm:
te::rp::ArithmeticOperations te::rp::Classifier te::rp::Contrast te::rp::Filter te::rp::GeoMosaic te::rp::IHSFusion te::rp::MixtureModel te::rp::PCAFusion te::rp::PostClassification te::rp::RasterAttributes te::rp::Register te::rp::Segmenter te::rp::SequenceMosaic te::rp::Skeleton te::rp::TiePointsLocator te::rp::TiePointsMosaic te::rp::WisperFusion

Public Member Functions

virtual bool execute (AlgorithmOutputParameters &outputParams)=0 throw ( te::rp::Exception )
 Executes the algorithm using the supplied parameters. More...
virtual bool initialize (const AlgorithmInputParameters &inputParams)=0 throw ( te::rp::Exception )
 Initialize the algorithm instance making it ready for execution. More...
virtual bool isInitialized () const =0
 Returns true if the algorithm instance is initialized and ready for execution. More...
virtual void reset ()=0 throw ( te::rp::Exception )
 Clear all internal allocated objects and reset the algorithm to its initial state. More...
virtual ~Algorithm ()

Protected Member Functions

 Algorithm ()

Private Member Functions

 Algorithm (const Algorithm &)
const Algorithmoperator= (const Algorithm &)

Detailed Description

Raster Processing algorithm base interface.

Definition at line 41 of file Algorithm.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual te::rp::Algorithm::~Algorithm ( )
te::rp::Algorithm::Algorithm ( )
te::rp::Algorithm::Algorithm ( const Algorithm )

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool te::rp::Algorithm::execute ( AlgorithmOutputParameters outputParams)
throw (te::rp::Exception
pure virtual
virtual bool te::rp::Algorithm::initialize ( const AlgorithmInputParameters inputParams)
throw (te::rp::Exception
pure virtual
virtual bool te::rp::Algorithm::isInitialized ( ) const
pure virtual
const Algorithm& te::rp::Algorithm::operator= ( const Algorithm )

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