raster Directory Reference


directory  serialization


file  Band.h [code]
 It gives access to values in one band (dimension) of a raster.
file  BandIterator.h [code]
 It implements an iterator to "navigate" over a single band (const or not const).
file  BandIteratorWindow.h [code]
 It implements and iterator to "navigate" over a single band, optimized by a window structure (e.g. 3x3, 5x5, etc). Examples include filters, moving windows, morphology, etc.
file  BandProperty.h [code]
 It describes one band (or dimension) of a raster.
file  BandSummary.h [code]
 A struct that can be used to keep the summary of a raster band (most statistics).
file  BlockUtils.h [code]
 Utility functions for dealing with raster data blocks.
file  Config.h [code]
 Configuration flags for the Raster module of TerraLib.
file  Enums.h [code]
 Enumerations for the Raster module.
file  Exception.h [code]
 An exception class for the Raster module.
file  Grid.h [code]
 A rectified grid is the spatial support for raster data.
file  Interpolator.h [code]
 It interpolates one pixel based on a selected algorithm.
file  PositionIterator.h [code]
file  ProxyRaster.h [code]
 A proxy class for bands of several rasters over the same region.
file  Raster.h [code]
 An abstract class for raster data strucutures.
file  RasterFactory.h [code]
 This is the abstract factory for Rasters.
file  RasterIterator.h [code]
 It implements and iterator to "navigate" over a raster, with a predefined number of bands.
file  RasterProperty.h [code]
 Raster property.
file  RasterSummary.h [code]
 RasterSummary is just a typedef of a boost::ptr_vector.
file  RasterSummaryManager.h [code]
 A singleton for keeping raster summaries (most statistics).
file  RasterSynchronizer.h [code]
 An access synchronizer to be used in SynchronizedRaster raster instances.
file  Reprojection.h [code]
 It contains the algorithm to reproject raster data.
file  SynchronizedBand.h [code]
 Syncrhonized raster band.
file  SynchronizedBandBlocksManager.h [code]
 Synchronized raster raster band blocks manager.
file  SynchronizedRaster.h [code]
 An adapter class to allow concurrent access to raster data by multiple threads.
file  TileIndexer.h [code]
 Polygon tile indexing class for optmized geometrical relational tests.
file  Utils.h [code]
 Utility functions for the raster module.
file  Vectorizer.h [code]
 It implements the vectorizer, based on TerraLib 4 algorithm.
file  VectorizerPolygonStructure.h [code]
 A polygon container node class.