How to manipulate data?

In TerraView data can come from different data sources from where datasets can be selected and added to a project becoming a project layer. A layer is then manipulated inside the application.  Several tools are available to manipulate data sources, datasets and layers. This session aims is to give a quick index to the most used tools grouped by its functionalities. 

Tools to add/update/remove data sources and select its datasets:

Tools to exchange data between data sources:

Tools operating over a Layer:

Tools operating on data table:

Tools to set or change the spatial reference system  of a Layer or Map Display:

It also worth mention the different ways to obtain a layer and add it to the application.  A layer can represent the whole content of a dataset stored in a data source, can be a query result, and also can be generated from a tabular file (with or without geometry). The details are given in the links bellow: When a layer is added directly from a directory of vector or raster files, a new datasource is added to the list of Data Sources available with the same name of the layer.  Check all ways to add a layer in Project Menu.