GDAL Connector

The GDAL Connector is used to define a connection with a Directory of raster files or with only one raster File, and with a URL location of raster files. Test will check if the location has at least one raster file before open it.

It is accessed through:

  Project > Add Layer > From Data Source... > Raster Files > (+)
  Tools >  Data Source Explorer... > Raster Files > (+)

  1. Choose  Directory / File / URL and click on... and select the location path or only one file if File is chosen.
  2. Inform a name to reference to this connection in Data Source Title (ex.: conn_raster_brasil)
  3. Optionally inform the Data Source Description ( ex.: Brasil images  from IBGE).
  4. Press Test  to check if the location path informed has at least one vector file of the supported format (shp or kml, etc).
  5. Press Open to make this connection available at Data Source Selector interface with the same title (Data Source Title) specified here, and when selected there will make available a set of raster files from the location path informed.