Data Source Selector

The Data Source Selector is used to choose an available data source and make its content visible as datasets to be selected.
  1. Click on a Data Source  type (PostGIS, Microsoft Access, Vector File or Raster Files).
  2. Choose one of the Available Data Sources by clicking over it.  If the list is empty click on  to add one.
  3. Click on Select and a new interface will be provided with all datasets available to be selected. 
    It is important to note that the datasets still at the original data source. Also you can combine datasets from different sources, for example you can select  a shape file from a directory and a spatial table stored in a PostGIS database and draw them without any import/export action over the original data.
Besides that, the Data Source Selector is also used to define a way to connect with different data sources from where to search for data.  Each type of Data Source has a specific set of parameters and for each of them there is an appropriate interface defined.

To add,  remove, create a empty one, or update the connection parameters  follow the steps bellow:

  1. Click on  to add an existing data source as an Available Data Source and fill the connections parameters.
  2. Click on change icon to change the connection parameters.
  3. Click on data source icon to create a new empty data source. 
  4. Click on remove icon  to remove the connection reference  from the list.

To fill the connections parameters for each data source type see the Connector plugins.

Check also Tool -> Data Source Selector to explore the data sources already defined and also to define new ones. 

There is a file called datasources.xml which keep all  information about the data sources registered through this interface. This file is saved into the user application data directory. In windows the path is C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Local\terraview\datasources.xml.