PostGIS Connector
Defining PostGIS database as a Data Source

The PostGIS Connector is used to define a connection with a specific PostGIS database. 

It is accessed through:

  Project > Add Layer > From Data Source... > PostGIS > (+)
  Tools >  Data Source Explorer... > PostGIS > (+)

To define PostGIS database as a data source,  fill at least the Title and the Connection Information needed by PostGIS to establish a connection with the database informed.

As a example, the connection parameters to access a database called "my_db" can be:
  1. Title = conn_postgis_my_db 
  2. Host Name/IP =   (or localhost)
  3. Port = 5432  (the default port used by PostGRES/PostGIS)
  4. User =  postgres 
  5. Password =  *******
  6. Database Name = my_db
  7. Client Encoding = UTF8
  8. Press Open to make this connection available at Data Source Selector with the same title specified here. 
  9. Press Test to check the parameters used to establish the connection.
Also there is Advanced Connections Options to change same default parameters. It is possible to hide spatial metadata tables (spatial_ref_sys, geometry_columns) , define new connection pooling parameter and so on.