PostGIS Creator

Creating a  new empty PostGIS  database as Data Source

It is accessible through:

  Project > Add Layer > From Data Source... > PostGIS > create icon
  Tools >  Data Source Explorer... > PostGIS > create icon

To create a new PostGIS  database name "my_db" as data source it is necessary to inform:
  1.  Server information
  2. Creation Information
  3. Advanced Creation Options (Optional) can be used to change same default parameters, like Owner, Encoding, Tablespace, Limit connections whose default values are Postgres, UTF8, pg_default and respectively.
  4. Apply
Note: After that a new PostGIS connector will be available with a title formed by host, database name and postgres at Data Source Selector> PostGIS interface where it can be changed using the Edit option edit option. In this example the connection title would be