WMS/WCS/WFS Connector
Defining a WMS/WCS/WFS as a Data Source

The Web Map Service, Web Coverage Service or Web Feature Service  Connector is used to define a W*S as a data source, making its content available. 

It is accessed through:

  Project > Add Layer > From Data Source... > WMS / WCS / WFS > (+)
  Tools >  Data Source Explorer... > WMS / WCS / WFS > (+)

To define W*S service as a data source, fill the Service Address URL and Username/Password parameters if necessary.

As a example, the connection parameters to access a WMS  of TerraAmazon are:
  1. Service Address = http://terrabrasilis.info/terraamazon/ows
  2. Data Source Title  = wms_terraamazon (optional)
  3. Data Source Description  =  Just an example of how to define a wms (optional)
  4. Username =  
  5. Password =   
  6. Press Open to make this connection available at Data Source Selector with the same title specified here. 
  7. Press Test to check the parameters used to establish the connection. 
NOTE: when you add layers from WCS, its content will be transfered to a local directory as soon as it is used.
In windows look at  C:\users\<username>\AppData\Local\INPE\TerraView-5.y.z\wcs.