te::sqlite Namespace Reference


class  BatchExecutor
class  DataSource
class  DataSourceCatalogLoader
class  DataSourceTransactor
class  EWKBSize
class  FwDataSet
class  Module
class  PreparedQuery
 A class that implements a prepared query for the TerraLib SQLite Data Access Driver. More...
class  SQLVisitor
 A visitor for building an SQL statement using SQLite dialect. More...


te::da::DataSourceBuild ()
bool ContainsSemicolon (const char *sql, std::size_t nbytes)
void Convert2SpatiaLiteGeom (const te::gm::GeomType t, std::string &geomType, std::string &dimension)
std::string Convert2SQLCreate (const te::dt::Property *p)
te::da::DataSetTypeConvert2TerraLib (sqlite3_stmt *pStmt)
te::dt::PropertyConvert2TerraLib (int colId, const std::string &colName, const std::string &colType, bool required, std::string *defaultValue=0)
int Convert2TerraLibCategory (const std::string &category)
void ExecuteScript (sqlite3 *db, const char *fileName)
bool Exists (const std::map< std::string, std::string > &dbInfo)
te::da::FKActionType GetAction (const std::string &action)
std::string GetBindableSpatialRelation (const std::string &colName, const te::gm::SpatialRelation r)
int GetConnectionFlags (const std::map< std::string, std::string > &connInfo)
void GetHiddenTables (const te::da::DataSource *ds, std::vector< std::string > &tables)
std::string GetRtreeFilter (const te::gm::Envelope *e, const te::gm::SpatialRelation r)
std::string GetSQLBindValues (const te::da::DataSet *dataset)
std::string GetSQLType (const te::dt::Property *p)
bool IsAllWhitespace (const char *sqlLine)
bool IsCommandTerminator (const char *sqlLine)
bool IsComplete (char **sql, size_t len, std::size_t &buffsize)
void PerformCommands (sqlite3 *db, std::istream &istr)
void PerformCommands (sqlite3 *db, const char *sql)
std::streamsize ReadLine (std::istream &istr, char **pbuff, std::size_t &buffsize)

Function Documentation

te::da::DataSource* te::sqlite::Build ( )

Definition at line 36 of file DataSourceFactory.h.

bool te::sqlite::ContainsSemicolon ( const char *  sql,
std::size_t  nbytes 
void te::sqlite::Convert2SpatiaLiteGeom ( const te::gm::GeomType  t,
std::string &  geomType,
std::string &  dimension 
std::string te::sqlite::Convert2SQLCreate ( const te::dt::Property p)
te::da::DataSetType* te::sqlite::Convert2TerraLib ( sqlite3_stmt pStmt)
te::dt::Property* te::sqlite::Convert2TerraLib ( int  colId,
const std::string &  colName,
const std::string &  colType,
bool  required,
std::string *  defaultValue = 0 
int te::sqlite::Convert2TerraLibCategory ( const std::string &  category)
void te::sqlite::ExecuteScript ( sqlite3 db,
const char *  fileName 
bool te::sqlite::Exists ( const std::map< std::string, std::string > &  dbInfo)
te::da::FKActionType te::sqlite::GetAction ( const std::string &  action)
std::string te::sqlite::GetBindableSpatialRelation ( const std::string &  colName,
const te::gm::SpatialRelation  r 
int te::sqlite::GetConnectionFlags ( const std::map< std::string, std::string > &  connInfo)
void te::sqlite::GetHiddenTables ( const te::da::DataSource ds,
std::vector< std::string > &  tables 
std::string te::sqlite::GetRtreeFilter ( const te::gm::Envelope e,
const te::gm::SpatialRelation  r 
std::string te::sqlite::GetSQLBindValues ( const te::da::DataSet dataset)
std::string te::sqlite::GetSQLType ( const te::dt::Property p)
bool te::sqlite::IsAllWhitespace ( const char *  sqlLine)
bool te::sqlite::IsCommandTerminator ( const char *  sqlLine)
bool te::sqlite::IsComplete ( char **  sql,
size_t  len,
std::size_t &  buffsize 
void te::sqlite::PerformCommands ( sqlite3 db,
std::istream &  istr 
void te::sqlite::PerformCommands ( sqlite3 db,
const char *  sql 
std::streamsize te::sqlite::ReadLine ( std::istream &  istr,
char **  pbuff,
std::size_t &  buffsize