te::map::AbstractRenderer Class Referenceabstract

It renders the objects associated to a layer. More...

#include <AbstractRenderer.h>

Inheritance diagram for te::map::AbstractRenderer:
te::graph::LayerRenderer te::map::AbstractLayerRenderer te::map::DataSetLayerRenderer te::map::QueryLayerRenderer te::map::RasterLayerRenderer te::wms::WMSLayerRenderer

Public Member Functions

Initializer Methods

Methods related to instantiation and destruction.

 AbstractRenderer ()
 Default Constructor. More...
virtual ~AbstractRenderer ()
 Virtual Destructor. More...
Pure Virtual Methods

Methods that subclasses must implement.

virtual void draw (AbstractLayer *layer, Canvas *canvas, const te::gm::Envelope &bbox, int srid, const double &scale)=0
 It draws the layer geographic objects in the given canvas using the SRS informed. More...

Private Member Functions

Copy Constructor and Assignment Operator

Copy constructor and assignment operator not allowed.

 AbstractRenderer (const AbstractRenderer &rhs)
 Copy constructor not allowed. More...
AbstractRendereroperator= (const AbstractRenderer &rhs)
 Assignment operator not allowed. More...

Detailed Description

It renders the objects associated to a layer.

The renderer will be responsible for:

  • locate/retrieve the objects associated to the layer
  • set the canvas with the appropriated style rules to draw the objects
  • make use of a canvas to draw the objects
See also
AbstractLayer, Canvas, RendererFactory, FeatureTypeStyleRenderer, CoverageStyleRenderer, DataSetLayerRenderer, QueryLayerRenderer

Definition at line 61 of file AbstractRenderer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

te::map::AbstractRenderer::AbstractRenderer ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 71 of file AbstractRenderer.h.

virtual te::map::AbstractRenderer::~AbstractRenderer ( )

Virtual Destructor.

Definition at line 74 of file AbstractRenderer.h.

te::map::AbstractRenderer::AbstractRenderer ( const AbstractRenderer rhs)

Copy constructor not allowed.

rhsThe renderer that would be copied.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void te::map::AbstractRenderer::draw ( AbstractLayer layer,
Canvas canvas,
const te::gm::Envelope bbox,
int  srid,
const double &  scale 
pure virtual

It draws the layer geographic objects in the given canvas using the SRS informed.

The informed bounding box (bbox) is used to constraint the Layer objects to be drawn. The bbox coordinates must be in the Spatial Reference System given by srid.

layerThe layer that will be drawn.
canvasThe canvas were the layer objects will be drawn.
bboxThe interest area to render the map.
sridThe SRS to be used to draw the layer objects.
scaleThe current scale to draw the layer.

Implemented in te::graph::LayerRenderer, te::map::AbstractLayerRenderer, te::map::QueryLayerRenderer, te::wms::WMSLayerRenderer, te::map::DataSetLayerRenderer, and te::map::RasterLayerRenderer.

AbstractRenderer& te::map::AbstractRenderer::operator= ( const AbstractRenderer rhs)

Assignment operator not allowed.

rhsThe renderer whose contents would be assigned to this renderer.
A reference to this renderer.

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