te::common::Distance Class Reference

A given distance has a measurement and a unit-of-measure. More...

#include <Distance.h>

Public Member Functions

Initializer Methods

Methods related to instantiation and destruction.

 Distance (const double &value, std::size_t uomIdx)
 It initializes a new Distance. More...
 ~Distance ()
 Destructor. More...
Accessor methods

Methods used to get or set properties.

void setDistance (const double &value)
const double & getDistance () const
void setUom (std::size_t uom)
std::size_t getUom () const

Private Attributes

std::size_t m_uom
double m_value

Detailed Description

A given distance has a measurement and a unit-of-measure.

Definition at line 44 of file Distance.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

te::common::Distance::Distance ( const double &  value,
std::size_t  uomIdx 

It initializes a new Distance.

valueThe value associated to the measure.
uomIdxAn index to a valid unit-of-measure. See the Unit-of-measure manager class for more information on it.
te::common::Distance::~Distance ( )


Member Function Documentation

const double& te::common::Distance::getDistance ( ) const
std::size_t te::common::Distance::getUom ( ) const
void te::common::Distance::setDistance ( const double &  value)
void te::common::Distance::setUom ( std::size_t  uom)

Member Data Documentation

std::size_t te::common::Distance::m_uom

Definition at line 84 of file Distance.h.

double te::common::Distance::m_value

Definition at line 83 of file Distance.h.

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