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1 /* Copyright (C) 2008 National Institute For Space Research (INPE) - Brazil.
3  This file is part of the TerraLib - a Framework for building GIS enabled applications.
5  TerraLib is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License,
8  or (at your option) any later version.
10  TerraLib is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  GNU General Public License for more details.
15  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16  along with TerraLib. See COPYING. If not, write to
17  TerraLib Team at <>.
18  */
20 /*!
21  \file se.h
23  \brief This file contains include headers for TerraLib Symbology Encoding module.
24 */
29 // TerraLib
30 #include "se/AnchorPoint.h"
31 #include "se/Categorize.h"
32 #include "se/ChangeCase.h"
33 #include "se/ChannelSelection.h"
34 #include "se/ColorMap.h"
35 #include "se/Concatenate.h"
36 #include "se/Config.h"
37 #include "se/ContrastEnhancement.h"
38 #include "se/CoverageStyle.h"
39 #include "se/Description.h"
40 #include "se/Displacement.h"
41 #include "se/Enums.h"
42 #include "se/ExternalGraphic.h"
43 #include "se/FeatureTypeStyle.h"
44 #include "se/Fill.h"
45 #include "se/Font.h"
46 #include "se/FormatDate.h"
47 #include "se/FormatNumber.h"
48 #include "se/Function.h"
49 #include "se/Graphic.h"
50 #include "se/GraphicStroke.h"
51 #include "se/Halo.h"
52 #include "se/ImageOutline.h"
53 #include "se/InlineContent.h"
54 #include "se/Interpolate.h"
55 #include "se/InterpolationPoint.h"
56 #include "se/LabelPlacement.h"
57 #include "se/LinePlacement.h"
58 #include "se/LineSymbolizer.h"
59 #include "se/MapItem.h"
60 #include "se/Mark.h"
61 #include "se/ParameterValue.h"
62 #include "se/PointPlacement.h"
63 #include "se/PointSymbolizer.h"
64 #include "se/PolygonSymbolizer.h"
65 #include "se/RasterSymbolizer.h"
66 #include "se/Recode.h"
67 #include "se/Rule.h"
68 #include "se/SelectedChannel.h"
69 #include "se/ShadedRelief.h"
70 #include "se/StringLength.h"
71 #include "se/StringPosition.h"
72 #include "se/Stroke.h"
73 #include "se/Substring.h"
74 #include "se/SvgParameter.h"
75 #include "se/Symbolizer.h"
76 #include "se/SymbologyManager.h"
77 #include "se/TextSymbolizer.h"
78 #include "se/Trim.h"
79 #include "se/Utils.h"
81 /*!
82  \defgroup se Symbology Encoding
84  \brief The symbology encoding module can be used for styling information that can be applied to Features and Coverages.
86  It implements the OGC Symbology Encoding Implementation Specification.
87  Most of the documentation used in Symbology classes were extracted
88  from the specificaton available at:
90  The main classes/concepts in this module are listed here. The namespace associated to the Symbolig Encoding module is te::se.
91  To know more about it, see the te::se namespace documentation.
92 */
94 namespace te
95 {
96  /*!
97  \brief Namespace for the Symbology Encoding module of TerraLib.
98  */
99  namespace se
100  {
101  } // end namespace se
102 } // end namespace te
104 #endif // __TERRALIB_INTERNAL_SE_H
ImageOutline specifies how individual source rasters in a multi-raster set (such as a set of satellit...
Enumerations related to Symbology Enconding module.
The transformation of continuous values to distinct values (Categorize function). ...
The CoverageStyle defines the styling that is to be applied to a subset of Coverage data...
A Font specifies the text font to use in a text symbolizer.
A PointPlacement specifies how a text label should be rendered relative to a geometric point...
A SvgParameter refers to an SVG/CSS graphical-formatting parameter.
A Halo is a type of Fill that is applied to the backgrounds of font glyphs.
ChannelSelection specifies the false-color channel selection for a multi-spectral raster source (such...
A Fill specifies the pattern for filling an area geometry.
Changes the case of strings (String formatting functions).
The ParameterValueType uses WFS-Filter expressions to give values for SE graphic parameters.
ContrastEnhancement defines the 'stretching' of contrast for a channel of a false-color image or for ...
Concatenates strings (String formatting functions).
A Rule is used to attach property/scale conditions to and group the individual symbols used for rende...
The SymbologyManager is a singleton that can be used to manage all loaded symbols in TerraLib...
A Description gives human-readable descriptive information for the object it is included within...
A LineSymbolizer is used to style a stroke along a linear geometry type, such as a string of line seg...
A LinePlacement specifies how a text label should be rendered relative to a linear geometry...
InlineContent is XML or base64 encoded content in some externally-defined format that is included in ...
Strips off chars from a string value (String formatting functions).
URI C++ Library.
It returns the position of first occurence of a substring (String formatting functions).
Numeric formatting function.
A PolygonSymbolizer is used to draw a polygon (or other area-type geometries), including filling its ...
Configuration flags for the Symbology Encoding support of TerraLib.
A TextSymbolizer is used to render text labels according to various graphical parameters.
The RasterSymbolizer describes how to render raster/matrix-coverage data (e.g., satellite photos...
ShadedRelief specifies the application of relief shading (or "hill shading") to a DEM raster to give ...
A GraphicStroke defines a repeated-linear graphic pattern to be used for stroking a line...
A Mark specifies a geometric shape and applies coloring to it.
Date formatting function.
Returns length of string (String formatting functions).
A Displacement gives X and Y offset displacements to use for rendering a text label, graphic or other Symbolizer near a point.
A Graphic is a graphic symbol with an inherent shape, color(s), and possibly size.
An AnchorPoint identifies the location inside of a text label to use an 'anchor' for positioning it r...
A Symbolizer describes how a Feature is to appear on a map.
Symbology Encoding functions.
The FeatureTypeStyle defines the styling that is to be applied to a dataset that can be viewed as a f...
A ColorMap defines either the colors of a pallette-type raster source or the mapping of numeric pixel...
A PointSymbolizer specifies the rendering of a graphic Symbolizer at a point.
The ExternalGraphic allows a reference to be made to an external graphic file with a Web URL or to in...
A selected channel to be display.
It returns the substring (String formatting functions).
The LabelPlacement specifies where and how a text label should be rendered relative to a geometry...
A Stroke specifies the appearance of a linear geometry.
The transformation of continuous values to a number of values (Interpolate function).
They are used to define a graph of points.
Transformation of discrete values to other values.