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1 /* Copyright (C) 2008 National Institute For Space Research (INPE) - Brazil.
3  This file is part of the TerraLib - a Framework for building GIS enabled applications.
5  TerraLib is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License,
8  or (at your option) any later version.
10  TerraLib is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  GNU General Public License for more details.
15  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16  along with TerraLib. See COPYING. If not, write to
17  TerraLib Team at <>.
18  */
20 /*!
21  \file geometry.h
23  \brief This file contains include headers for the Vector Geometry model of TerraLib.
24  */
29 // TerraLib
30 #include "geometry/AbstractPoint.h"
31 #include "geometry/AffineGT.h"
34 #include "geometry/CompoundCurve.h"
35 #include "geometry/Config.h"
36 #include "geometry/Coord2D.h"
37 #include "geometry/Curve.h"
38 #include "geometry/CurvePolygon.h"
39 #include "geometry/Enums.h"
40 #include "geometry/Envelope.h"
41 #include "geometry/Exception.h"
43 #include "geometry/Geometry.h"
47 #include "geometry/GEOSReader.h"
48 #include "geometry/GEOSWriter.h"
49 #include "geometry/GTFactory.h"
50 #include "geometry/GTFilter.h"
52 #include "geometry/GTParameters.h"
53 #include "geometry/Line.h"
54 #include "geometry/LinearRing.h"
55 #include "geometry/LineString.h"
56 #include "geometry/MultiCurve.h"
58 #include "geometry/MultiPoint.h"
59 #include "geometry/MultiPolygon.h"
60 #include "geometry/MultiSurface.h"
61 #include "geometry/Point.h"
62 #include "geometry/PointKd.h"
63 #include "geometry/PointM.h"
64 #include "geometry/PointZ.h"
65 #include "geometry/PointZM.h"
66 #include "geometry/Polygon.h"
68 #include "geometry/Surface.h"
69 #include "geometry/TIN.h"
70 #include "geometry/Triangle.h"
71 #include "geometry/ProjectiveGT.h"
73 #include "geometry/RSTGT.h"
74 #include "geometry/RSTGTFactory.h"
79 #include "geometry/Utils.h"
80 #include "geometry/Visitor.h"
81 #include "geometry/WKBReader.h"
82 #include "geometry/WKBSize.h"
83 #include "geometry/WKBWriter.h"
84 #include "geometry/WKTReader.h"
85 #include "geometry/WKTWriter.h"
87 /*!
88  \defgroup geometry Geometry
90  \brief This module implements the vector geometry support of TerraLib.
92  The vector geometry module of TerraLib is OGC compliant.
93  So, the majority documentation of this module was extracted from
94  the Open Geospatial Consortium specification called
95  Simple Feature Specification - Part 1: Common Architecture.
96  This specification can be accessed at:
98  It is important to notice that this module refers to a geometry model to be used in main memory
99  and it doesn't assume any kind of persistence or data storage management.
101  Basically, the geometry module is responsible for providing:
103  <ul>
104  <li>The primitive geometric objects like points, lines and polygons;</li>
105  <li>Homogeneous and heterogeneous collections of geometries;</li>
106  <li>Curved geometries;</li>
107  <li>Polyhedral surfaces and Triangular Irregular Networks (TIN);</li>
108  <li>Spatial operations: topological relationship tests, metric, set operations;</li>
109  <li>Serialization routines for common data formats: WKB, WKT, ...</li>
110  </ul>
112  The main classes/concepts in this module are listed here. The namespace associated to the Geometry module is te::gm.
113  To know more about it, see the te::gm namespace documentation.
114 */
116 namespace te
117 {
118  /*!
119  \brief Namespace for the Vector Geometry module of TerraLib.
120  */
121  namespace gm
122  {
123  } // end namespace gm
124 } // end namespace te
A base abstract class for 0-dimensional geometric objects that represents a single location in coordi...
2D Rotation/scale/translation (rigid body) Geometric transformation.
2D Geometric transformation base class.
Second Degree Polynomial Geometric transformation.
A Line is LineString with 2 points.
2D Geometric transformation parameters.
A LinearRing is a LineString that is both closed and simple.
CircularString is a curve with circular interpolation between points.
CompoundCurve is a curve that may have circular and linear segments.
A point with x and y coordinate values.
PolyhedralSurface is a contiguous collection of polygons, which share common boundary segments...
MultiPoint is a GeometryCollection whose elements are restricted to points.
A class that serializes a geometry to the WKB format.
2D Projective Geometric transformation factory.
2D Projective Geometric transformation.
2D Third Degree Polynomial Geometric transformation factory.
2D RST Geometric transformation factory.
Utility functions for the Geometry Module.
An Envelope defines a 2D rectangular region.
Enumerations related to Geometry module.
Triangle is a polygon with 3 distinct, non-collinear vertices and no interior boundary.
CurvePolygon is a planar surface defined by 1 exterior boundary and 0 or more interior boundaries...
Third Degree Polynomial Geometric transformation.
MultiLineString is a MultiCurve whose elements are LineStrings.
2D Geometric transformation outliers remotion filter.
URI C++ Library.
Surface is an abstract class that represents a 2-dimensional geometric objects.
Geometric property.
MultiPolygon is a MultiSurface whose elements are Polygons.
MultiCurve is a class that represents a 1-dimensional GeometryCollection whose elements are curves...
A class that converts a GEOS geometry to a TerraLib geometry.
Curve is an abstract class that represents 1-dimensional geometric objects stored as a sequence of co...
A class that converts a TerraLib geometry to a GEOS geometry.
An exception class for the Geometry module.
TIN (triangulated irregular network) is a PolyhedralSurface consisting only of Triangle patches...
Polygon is a subclass of CurvePolygon whose rings are defined by linear rings.
A class that deserializes a geometry from a valid WKB.
2D Second Degree Polynomial Geometric transformation factory.
A class that computes the number of bytes necessary to encode a geometry in WKB.
2D Geometric transformation factory.
2D Affine Geometric transformation factory.
LineString is a curve with linear interpolation between points.
MultiSurface is a class that represents a 2-dimensional GeometryCollection whose elements are surface...
2D Geometric transformation model parameters.
Configuration flags for the Vector Geometry Model of TerraLib.
A point with z-coordinate value.
A point with a z-coordinate value and an associated measurement.
2D Affine Geometric transformation.
An utility struct for representing 2D coordinates.
A point with an associated measure.
This is the Geometry factory for TerraLib geometries.
A class that serializes a geometry to the WKT format.
A visitor interface for the Geometry hierarchy.
Geometry is the root class of the geometries hierarchy, it follows OGC and ISO standards.
A class that deserializes a geometry from a valid WKT.
It is a collection of other geometric objects.
A k-dimensional point.