Utils.h File Reference

Utility functions for the Geometry Module. More...

#include "Config.h"
#include "Enums.h"
#include <vector>

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 URI C++ Library.
 Namespace for the Vector Geometry module of TerraLib.


TEGEOMEXPORT Envelope te::gm::AdjustToCut (const Envelope &env, double bWidth, double bHeight)
 Finds the correspondent smallest box that allows a box to be cut in blocks of a given size. More...
int te::gm::GetCoordDimension (GeomType t)
 It returns the number of measurements or axes needed to describe a position in a coordinate system. More...
TEGEOMEXPORT Geometry * te::gm::GetGeomFromEnvelope (const Envelope *const e, int srid)
 It creates a Geometry (a polygon) from the given envelope. More...
template<class T1 , class T2 >
bool te::gm::Intersects (const T1 &o1, const T2 &o2)
TEGEOMEXPORT bool te::gm::Intersects (const te::gm::Point &point, const te::gm::Envelope &e)
TEGEOMEXPORT Coord2D * te::gm::locateAlong (const LineString *line, double initial, double final, double target)
 Make the line interpolation to find a target. More...
TEGEOMEXPORT void te::gm::Multi2Single (te::gm::Geometry *g, std::vector< te::gm::Geometry * > &geoms)
 It will get a GeometryCollection and distribute in a vector. More...
TEGEOMEXPORT bool te::gm::SatisfySpatialRelation (const Geometry *g1, const Geometry *g2, SpatialRelation relation)
 It returns if two geometries satisfy a given spatial relation. More...

Detailed Description

Utility functions for the Geometry Module.

Definition in file Utils.h.