te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters Class Reference

Mosaic output parameters. More...

#include <SequenceMosaic.h>

Inheritance diagram for te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters:
te::rp::AlgorithmOutputParameters te::common::AbstractParameters

Public Member Functions

AbstractParametersclone () const
 Create a clone copy of this instance. More...
const OutputParametersoperator= (const OutputParameters &params)
 OutputParameters ()
 OutputParameters (const OutputParameters &)
void reset () throw ( te::rp::Exception )
 Clear all internal allocated resources and reset the parameters instance to its initial state. More...
 ~OutputParameters ()

Public Attributes

 The mosaic sequences info. More...
std::vector< MosaicSequenceInfom_sequencesInfo

Detailed Description

Mosaic output parameters.

Definition at line 135 of file SequenceMosaic.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::OutputParameters ( )
te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::OutputParameters ( const OutputParameters )
te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::~OutputParameters ( )

Member Function Documentation

AbstractParameters* te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::clone ( ) const

Create a clone copy of this instance.

A clone copy of this instance.
The caller will take the ownership of the returned pointer.

Implements te::common::AbstractParameters.

const OutputParameters& te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::operator= ( const OutputParameters params)
void te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::reset ( )
throw (te::rp::Exception

Clear all internal allocated resources and reset the parameters instance to its initial state.

Implements te::common::AbstractParameters.

Member Data Documentation

te::da::DataSource* te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::m_outputDSPtr

The mosaic sequences info.

The output data source where the mosaic rasters will be created.

Definition at line 141 of file SequenceMosaic.h.

std::vector< MosaicSequenceInfo > te::rp::SequenceMosaic::OutputParameters::m_sequencesInfo

Definition at line 139 of file SequenceMosaic.h.

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