te::md::MD_Identification Class Reference

Identification information contains information to uniquely identify the data. More...

#include <MD_Identification.h>

Inheritance diagram for te::md::MD_Identification:

Public Member Functions

void addPointOfContact (CI_ResponsibleParty *p)
 Adds a point of contact to the resource. More...
virtual MD_Identificationclone () const
 Gets a copy of this object. More...
const std::string & getAbstract () const
 Returns the resource abstract. More...
const CI_CitationgetCitation () const
 Returns the citation for the metadata. More...
const boost::ptr_vector< CI_ResponsibleParty > & getPointsOfContact () const
 Returns the resource points of contact. More...
te::md::MD_ProgressCode getStatus () const
 Returns the resource status code. More...
 MD_Identification (CI_Citation *citation, const std::string abstract, MD_ProgressCode status)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~MD_Identification ()
 Destructor. More...

Protected Attributes

std::string m_abstract
boost::ptr_vector< CI_ResponsiblePartym_poc
te::md::MD_ProgressCode m_status

Detailed Description

Identification information contains information to uniquely identify the data.

It contains only the mandatory elements of core metadata.

Definition at line 54 of file MD_Identification.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

te::md::MD_Identification::MD_Identification ( CI_Citation citation,
const std::string  abstract,
MD_ProgressCode  status 


citationPointer to the citation to the resource. Class takes ownership. Do not pass null.
abstractBrief narrative summary of the resource.
statusCode that represents the development phase of the resource.
virtual te::md::MD_Identification::~MD_Identification ( )


Member Function Documentation

void te::md::MD_Identification::addPointOfContact ( CI_ResponsibleParty p)

Adds a point of contact to the resource.

pocPointer to a responsible party. Class takes pointer ownership. Do not pass null.
virtual MD_Identification* te::md::MD_Identification::clone ( ) const

Gets a copy of this object.

Reimplemented in te::md::MD_DataIdentification.

const std::string& te::md::MD_Identification::getAbstract ( ) const

Returns the resource abstract.

const CI_Citation* te::md::MD_Identification::getCitation ( ) const

Returns the citation for the metadata.

const boost::ptr_vector<CI_ResponsibleParty>& te::md::MD_Identification::getPointsOfContact ( ) const

Returns the resource points of contact.

te::md::MD_ProgressCode te::md::MD_Identification::getStatus ( ) const

Returns the resource status code.

Member Data Documentation

std::string te::md::MD_Identification::m_abstract

Definition at line 92 of file MD_Identification.h.

CI_Citation* te::md::MD_Identification::m_citation

Definition at line 91 of file MD_Identification.h.

boost::ptr_vector<CI_ResponsibleParty> te::md::MD_Identification::m_poc

Definition at line 94 of file MD_Identification.h.

te::md::MD_ProgressCode te::md::MD_Identification::m_status

Definition at line 93 of file MD_Identification.h.

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