te::fe::SpatialOperator Class Reference

Spatial operator. More...

#include <SpatialOperator.h>

Public Member Functions

Initializer Methods

Methods related to instantiation and destruction.

 SpatialOperator (const char *opName)
 It initializes a new SpatialOperator. More...
 ~SpatialOperator ()
 Destructor. More...

Private Attributes

 Optional. More...
const char * m_name
 Spatial operator name. More...

Static Private Attributes

static std::set< const char *, te::common::LessCmp< const char * > > sm_validSpatialOperators
 The list of valid spatial operators. More...

Accessor methods

Methods used to get or set properties.

const char * getOpName () const
 It returns the operator name. More...
void setGeometryOperands (GeometryOperands *gOps)
 It sets the geometry operands. More...
const GeometryOperandsgetGeometryOperands () const
 It returns the geometry operands. More...
static const char * findOperator (const char *o)
 It checks if operator 'o' is a valid operator. It returns a pointer to the found operator or NULL otherwise. More...
static void loadValidOperatorList ()
 It loads the valid spatial operator list. More...
static void clearValidOperatorList ()
 It clears the valid operator list. More...

Detailed Description

Spatial operator.

Spatial operator name can be one of the following names:

See also
SpatialOperators, GeometryOperands

Definition at line 67 of file SpatialOperator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

te::fe::SpatialOperator::SpatialOperator ( const char *  opName)

It initializes a new SpatialOperator.

Thespatial operator name.
The opName must be a value from the list of valid spatial operators.
te::fe::SpatialOperator::~SpatialOperator ( )


Member Function Documentation

static void te::fe::SpatialOperator::clearValidOperatorList ( )

It clears the valid operator list.

static const char* te::fe::SpatialOperator::findOperator ( const char *  o)

It checks if operator 'o' is a valid operator. It returns a pointer to the found operator or NULL otherwise.

oThe operator name we are looking for.
const GeometryOperands* te::fe::SpatialOperator::getGeometryOperands ( ) const

It returns the geometry operands.

The geometry operands.
const char* te::fe::SpatialOperator::getOpName ( ) const

It returns the operator name.

The operator name.
static void te::fe::SpatialOperator::loadValidOperatorList ( )

It loads the valid spatial operator list.

void te::fe::SpatialOperator::setGeometryOperands ( GeometryOperands gOps)

It sets the geometry operands.

gOpsThe geometry operands.
It will take the ownership of the geometry operands. So, don't release the geometry operands resources.

Member Data Documentation

GeometryOperands* te::fe::SpatialOperator::m_geometryOperands


Definition at line 138 of file SpatialOperator.h.

const char* te::fe::SpatialOperator::m_name

Spatial operator name.

Definition at line 137 of file SpatialOperator.h.

std::set<const char*, te::common::LessCmp<const char*> > te::fe::SpatialOperator::sm_validSpatialOperators

The list of valid spatial operators.

Definition at line 140 of file SpatialOperator.h.

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