te::da::JoinCondition Class Referenceabstract

A condition to be used in a Join clause. More...

#include <JoinCondition.h>

Inheritance diagram for te::da::JoinCondition:
te::common::BaseVisitable< QueryVisitor > te::da::JoinConditionOn te::da::JoinConditionUsing

Public Types

typedef void ReturnType
typedef QueryVisitor VisitorType

Public Member Functions

virtual ReturnType accept (VisitorType &guest) const =0
 It call the visit method from the guest object. More...
virtual JoinConditionclone () const =0
 It creates a new copy of this JoinCondition. More...
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~JoinCondition ()
 Virtual destructor. More...

Detailed Description

A condition to be used in a Join clause.

See also
Join, JoinConditionNatural, JoinConditionOn, JoinConditionUsing

Definition at line 44 of file JoinCondition.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef void te::common::BaseVisitable< QueryVisitor , void >::ReturnType

Definition at line 58 of file BaseVisitable.h.

Definition at line 57 of file BaseVisitable.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TE_DEFINE_VISITABLE te::da::JoinCondition::JoinCondition ( )

Default constructor.

Definition at line 51 of file JoinCondition.h.

virtual te::da::JoinCondition::~JoinCondition ( )

Virtual destructor.

Definition at line 54 of file JoinCondition.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual ReturnType te::common::BaseVisitable< QueryVisitor , void >::accept ( VisitorType guest) const
pure virtualinherited

It call the visit method from the guest object.

guestThe guest or visitor.
Any valid value define by the template type R.
virtual JoinCondition* te::da::JoinCondition::clone ( ) const
pure virtual

It creates a new copy of this JoinCondition.

Implemented in te::da::JoinConditionOn, and te::da::JoinConditionUsing.

Referenced by te::da::new_clone().

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