ClassifierISOSegStrategy.h File Reference

ISOSeg strategy for segmentation-based classification. More...

#include "ClassifierStrategy.h"
#include "ClassifierStrategyFactory.h"
#include "Config.h"
#include <map>
#include <boost/numeric/ublas/matrix.hpp>

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class  te::rp::ClassifierISOSegStrategy
 ISOSeg strategy for OBIA classification. The algorithm orders regions by area (larger first), and classify the largest region as Cluster 1. All regions similar to this cluster are inserted in Cluster 1, otherwise new Clusters are created. After all regions belong to a cluster, the algorithm merges similar clusters. The acceptance threshold is the only parameter given by the user, and it indicates the maximum distance between two regions to be clustered togheter. More...
class  te::rp::ClassifierISOSegStrategyFactory
 Raster ISOSeg Classifier strategy factory. More...
class  te::rp::ClassifierISOSegStrategy::Parameters
 Classifier Parameters. More...
class  te::rp::ClassifierISOSegStrategy::Pattern
 Describes a region or a cluster (group of regions with similar properties) to be used by ISOSeg method. More...


 URI C++ Library.
 Namespace for Raster Processing module of TerraLib.

Detailed Description

ISOSeg strategy for segmentation-based classification.

Definition in file ClassifierISOSegStrategy.h.