Utils.h File Reference
#include <terralib/common/Exception.h>
#include "Config.h"

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void CreateDefaultSettings ()
 Creates a default QSettings. More...
bool GetOpenLastProjectFromSettings ()
void GetProjectInformationsFromSettings (QString &defaultAuthor, int &maxSaved)
void SaveOpenLastProjectOnSettings (bool openLast)
void SaveProjectInformationsOnSettings (const QString &defaultAuthor, const int &maxSaved)
void WriteDefaultProjectFile (const QString &fileName)
 Writes the default project file. More...

Function Documentation

void CreateDefaultSettings ( )

Creates a default QSettings.

bool GetOpenLastProjectFromSettings ( )
void GetProjectInformationsFromSettings ( QString &  defaultAuthor,
int &  maxSaved 
void SaveOpenLastProjectOnSettings ( bool  openLast)
void SaveProjectInformationsOnSettings ( const QString &  defaultAuthor,
const int &  maxSaved 
void WriteDefaultProjectFile ( const QString &  fileName)

Writes the default project file.