te::stmem Namespace Reference

Namespace for the TerraLib ST memory module. More...


class  DataSet
 Implementation of a in-memory data set that contains spatiotemporal observations indexed by time and space. More...
class  DataSource
 Implements a DataSource that contains In-Memory DataSets indexed by space and time. More...
class  Globals
 An static class with global definitions for the TerraLib ST module. More...
class  Module
 This singleton defines the TerraLib st memory module entry. More...
class  Transactor
 An implementation of DataSourceTransactor class for the ST in-memory driver. More...


typedef boost::shared_ptr< te::mem::DataSetItemDateSetItemShrPtr
typedef std::pair< te::dt::DateTime *, DateSetItemShrPtrTimeAndDateSetItemPair
typedef std::multimap< te::dt::DateTime *, DateSetItemShrPtr, te::dt::CompareDateTimeTimeToDataSetItemMap


te::da::DataSourceBuild ()

Detailed Description

Namespace for the TerraLib ST memory module.

Typedef Documentation

Definition at line 49 of file DataSet.h.

Definition at line 50 of file DataSet.h.

Function Documentation

te::da::DataSource* te::stmem::Build ( )

Definition at line 37 of file DataSourceFactory.h.