utils Directory Reference


file  CentralizedCheckBoxDelegate.h [code]
 Just use a delegate to render checkboxes centralized on a view.
file  ColorPickerToolButton.h [code]
 Custom widget used to pick a color.
file  DoubleListWidget.h [code]
file  FileChooser.h [code]
 Defines a component for choose a file.
file  HorizontalSliderWidget.h [code]
file  ListWidget.h [code]
file  ParameterDialog.h [code]
 A dialog to be used as input of key/value pairs.
file  ParameterTableWidget.h [code]
file  ResourceChooser.h [code]
 Defines a component for choosing a file or directory.
file  ScopedCursor.h [code]
 An object that when created shows a cursor during its scope.