dataset Directory Reference


file  AttributeConverterManager.h [code]
 A singleton to keep all the registered Attribute Converter.
file  AttributeConverters.h [code]
 Definition of attribute converter and a set of them.
file  CheckConstraint.h [code]
 A class that describes a check constraint.
file  Constraint.h [code]
 A class that describes a constraint.
file  DataSet.h [code]
 A dataset is the unit of information manipulated by the data access module of TerraLib.
file  DataSetAdapter.h [code]
 An adapter for DataSet.
file  DataSetCapabilities.h [code]
 A class that informs what the dataset implementation of a given data source can perform.
file  DataSetType.h [code]
 A class that models the description of a dataset.
file  DataSetTypeCapabilities.h [code]
 A class that informs what kind of constraint and index is supported by a given data source.
file  DataSetTypeConverter.h [code]
 An converter for DataSetType.
file  FilteredDataSet.h [code]
 This class represents a filtered data set.
file  ForeignKey.h [code]
 It models a foreign key constraint for a DataSetType.
file  Index.h [code]
 It describes an index associated to a DataSetType.
file  ObjectId.h [code]
 This class represents an unique id for a data set element.
file  ObjectIdSet.h [code]
 This class represents a set of unique ids created in the same context. i.e. from the same data set.
file  PrimaryKey.h [code]
 It describes a primary key (pk) constraint.
file  Sequence.h [code]
 It describes a sequence (a number generator).
file  UniqueKey.h [code]
 It describes a unique key (uk) constraint.