color Directory Reference


file  ColorBar.h [code]
 The concept of color bar.
file  ColorScheme.h [code]
 The concept of color scheme.
file  ColorSchemeCatalog.h [code]
 A catalog for color schemes groups.
file  ColorSchemeCatalogManager.h [code]
 The ColorSchemeCatalogManager is a singleton that can be used to manage all loaded color scheme catalogs.
file  ColorSchemeGroup.h [code]
 This class represents a group of color schemes.
file  ColorTransform.h [code]
 A class to transform .
file  Config.h [code]
 Configuration flags for the Color module of TerraLib.
file  Module.h [code]
 This singleton defines the TerraLib Color module entry.
file  RGBAColor.h [code]
 A helper class for 24-bit RGBA (Red-Green-Blue-Alpha channel) color.