terralib4 Directory Reference


file  Band.h [code]
 Band implementation for TerraLib 4.x.
file  Config.h [code]
 Configuration flags for the TerraLib 4 driver.
file  DataSource.h [code]
 Implements the DataSource class for the TerraLib 4.x Data Access Driver.
file  DataSourceFactory.h [code]
 This is the factory for Terralib 4 data sources.
file  Exception.h [code]
file  GeomReader.h [code]
 An utility class for converting a TerraLib 4.x geometry to a TerraLib 5.
file  Globals.h [code]
 An static class with global definitions.
file  Module.h [code]
 A utility class to initialize and terminate TerraLib 4 driver support.
file  Raster.h [code]
 Raster implementaton for TerraLib 4.x.
file  RasterDataSet.h [code]
file  TableDataSet.h [code]
file  ThemeInfo.h [code]
 The basic information about a Terralib 4.x Theme.
file  Transactor.h [code]
 DataSourceTransactor implementation for TerraLib 4.x API.
file  Utils.h [code]
 Utilitary functions for dealing with TerraLib 5 and 4.x conversion.
file  VectorDataSet.h [code]