plugin Directory Reference


file  AbstractFinder.h [code]
 The AbstractFinder class allows applications to extend how PluginManager can search for plugins.
file  AbstractPlugin.h [code]
 An abstract class for TerraLib Plugins.
file  AbstractPluginEngine.h [code]
 An abstract class for plugin engines.
file  Config.h [code]
 Configuration flags for the TerraLib Plugin module.
file  CppPlugin.h [code]
 An abstract interface for Plugins written in C++.
file  CppPluginEngine.h [code]
 A plugin engine for plugins written in C++.
file  CppPluginEngineFactory.h [code]
 This is the concrete factory for C++ plugin engines.
file  CppPluginProxy.h [code]
 A proxy class for C++ plugins.
file  DefaultFinder.h [code]
 A plugin finder that search for plugins in some special directories defined by compile time macros.
file  Exception.h [code]
 An exception class for the Plugin module.
file  Module.h [code]
 This singleton defines the TerraLib Plugin module entry.
file  Plugin.h [code]
 A base class for plugin types.
file  PluginEngineFactory.h [code]
 This is the abstract factory for plugin engines.
file  PluginInfo.h [code]
 The basic information about a plugin.
file  PluginManager.h [code]
 A singleton for managing plugins.
file  Provider.h [code]
 This struct can be used to describe a given plugin provider.
file  Utils.h [code]
 Utility functions for dealing with plugins.