TerraLib and TerraView Wiki Page

TerraLib and TerraView are being developed by the DPI - Image Processing Division at INPE - National Institute for Space Research.

Several people has been contributing to the projects with different roles and responsibilities since 2000.

This team can be reached at terralib-community@dpi.inpe.br. If you wish to contribute with TerraLib or TerraView send us an email.

The following people has been acting as a steering committee, contributing to define general strategic line for the project and to set its strategic objectives:

The following people has been acting as a project management committee, leading the technical developing and assuring quality (also working as programmers!):

There are several committers responsible for adding features, fixing bugs, writing documentation and assisting with project infrastructure:

  • Andre Gomes de Oliveira
  • Eric Silva Abreu
  • Felipe Valerio de Siqueira
  • Frederico Augusto B. Teotônio
  • Ruan Moraes Andrade
  • Matheus Zaglia
  • Fernando Oliveira
  • Douglas Messias Uba
1) , 2) , 3) Retired