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directory  serialization


file  AnchorPoint.h [code]
 An AnchorPoint identifies the location inside of a text label to use an 'anchor' for positioning it relative to a point geometry.
file  Categorize.h [code]
 The transformation of continuous values to distinct values (Categorize function).
file  ChangeCase.h [code]
 Changes the case of strings (String formatting functions).
file  ChannelSelection.h [code]
 ChannelSelection specifies the false-color channel selection for a multi-spectral raster source (such as a multi-band satellite-imagery source).
file  ColorMap.h [code]
 A ColorMap defines either the colors of a pallette-type raster source or the mapping of numeric pixel values to colors.
file  Concatenate.h [code]
 Concatenates strings (String formatting functions).
file  Config.h [code]
 Configuration flags for the Symbology Encoding support of TerraLib.
file  ContrastEnhancement.h [code]
 ContrastEnhancement defines the 'stretching' of contrast for a channel of a false-color image or for a whole grey/color image.
file  CoverageStyle.h [code]
 The CoverageStyle defines the styling that is to be applied to a subset of Coverage data.
file  Description.h [code]
 A Description gives human-readable descriptive information for the object it is included within.
file  Displacement.h [code]
 A Displacement gives X and Y offset displacements to use for rendering a text label, graphic or other Symbolizer near a point.
file  Enums.h [code]
 Enumerations related to Symbology Enconding module.
file  Exception.h [code]
 An exception class for the Symbology module.
file  ExternalGraphic.h [code]
 The ExternalGraphic allows a reference to be made to an external graphic file with a Web URL or to in-line content.
file  FeatureTypeStyle.h [code]
 The FeatureTypeStyle defines the styling that is to be applied to a dataset that can be viewed as a feature type.
file  Fill.h [code]
 A Fill specifies the pattern for filling an area geometry.
file  Font.h [code]
 A Font specifies the text font to use in a text symbolizer.
file  FormatDate.h [code]
 Date formatting function.
file  FormatNumber.h [code]
 Numeric formatting function.
file  Function.h [code]
 Symbology Encoding functions.
file  Graphic.h [code]
 A Graphic is a graphic symbol with an inherent shape, color(s), and possibly size.
file  GraphicStroke.h [code]
 A GraphicStroke defines a repeated-linear graphic pattern to be used for stroking a line.
file  Halo.h [code]
 A Halo is a type of Fill that is applied to the backgrounds of font glyphs.
file  ImageOutline.h [code]
 ImageOutline specifies how individual source rasters in a multi-raster set (such as a set of satellite-image scenes) should be outlined to make the individual-image locations visible.
file  InlineContent.h [code]
 InlineContent is XML or base64 encoded content in some externally-defined format that is included in an SE in-line.
file  Interpolate.h [code]
 The transformation of continuous values to a number of values (Interpolate function).
file  InterpolationPoint.h [code]
 They are used to define a graph of points.
file  LabelPlacement.h [code]
 The LabelPlacement specifies where and how a text label should be rendered relative to a geometry.
file  LinePlacement.h [code]
 A LinePlacement specifies how a text label should be rendered relative to a linear geometry.
file  LineSymbolizer.h [code]
 A LineSymbolizer is used to style a stroke along a linear geometry type, such as a string of line segments.
file  MapItem.h [code]
file  Mark.h [code]
 A Mark specifies a geometric shape and applies coloring to it.
file  Module.h [code]
 This singleton defines the TerraLib Symbology Encoding module entry.
file  ParameterValue.h [code]
 The ParameterValueType uses WFS-Filter expressions to give values for SE graphic parameters.
file  PointPlacement.h [code]
 A PointPlacement specifies how a text label should be rendered relative to a geometric point.
file  PointSymbolizer.h [code]
 A PointSymbolizer specifies the rendering of a graphic Symbolizer at a point.
file  PolygonSymbolizer.h [code]
 A PolygonSymbolizer is used to draw a polygon (or other area-type geometries), including filling its interior and stroking its border (outline).
file  RasterSymbolizer.h [code]
 The RasterSymbolizer describes how to render raster/matrix-coverage data (e.g., satellite photos, DEMs).
file  Recode.h [code]
 Transformation of discrete values to other values.
file  Rule.h [code]
 A Rule is used to attach property/scale conditions to and group the individual symbols used for rendering.
file  SelectedChannel.h [code]
 A selected channel to be display.
file  ShadedRelief.h [code]
 ShadedRelief specifies the application of relief shading (or "hill shading") to a DEM raster to give it somewhat of a three-dimensional effect and to make elevation changes more visible.
file  StringLength.h [code]
 Returns length of string (String formatting functions).
file  StringPosition.h [code]
 It returns the position of first occurence of a substring (String formatting functions).
file  Stroke.h [code]
 A Stroke specifies the appearance of a linear geometry.
file  Style.h [code]
 The Style defines the styling that is to be applied to a geographic dataset (vector geometries or coverage).
file  Substring.h [code]
 It returns the substring (String formatting functions).
file  SvgParameter.h [code]
 A SvgParameter refers to an SVG/CSS graphical-formatting parameter.
file  Symbolizer.h [code]
 A Symbolizer describes how a Feature is to appear on a map.
file  SymbolizerColorFinder.h [code]
 A Symbology Enconding visitor that finds a color given a symbolizer.
file  SymbologyManager.h [code]
 The SymbologyManager is a singleton that can be used to manage all loaded symbols in TerraLib.
file  TextSymbolizer.h [code]
 A TextSymbolizer is used to render text labels according to various graphical parameters.
file  Trim.h [code]
 Strips off chars from a string value (String formatting functions).
file  Utils.h [code]
 Utility functions for Symbology Enconding module.
file  Visitor.h [code]
 A visitor interface for the SymbologyEncoding hierarchy.