TerraLib and TerraView Wiki Page

TerraLib Developer's Guide - Source Code Organization

The source code structure after cloning the terralib5 repository will be:

build/cmake Contains the CMake scripts with commands, macros and functions used to build the environment for compiling libraries and executables in different platforms using the CMake tool
build/scripts Scripts for building TerraLib on different platforms using the CMake tool
doc Help files and doxygen stufs
examples Some examples on how to use TerraLib API
install Bash scripts for helping building and installing 3rdparty libraries
licenses Copyright notices of third-party libraries used by TerraLib. Not available yet!
resources Fonts, images, sql, and xml files among other resources of general use
share XML Schema (.xsd), JSON files, plugin manifest files, translations files and OGC specifications that is shared and installed with TerraLib
src Contains the source code of TerraLib and TerraView
unittestContains some unit tests for TerraLib

If you want to build TerraLib, first take a look at the Third-party libraries needed.