TerraLib and TerraView Wiki Page

TerraLib 5.0 - Windows Environment


The basic tools you have to install in your environment to work with TerraLib are:

Git ​ Latest http://git-scm.com/
CMake ​ 2.8.10 http://www.cmake.org/cmake

The following tools are optional, and their use is described below:

TortoiseGIThttp://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit General User Interface that makes it easier to use GIT on Windows
Doxygen http://sourceforge.net/projects/doxygen/ used to generate the documentation

Installing and configuring GIT

Install the latest Git version from: GIT

Follow the default settings, except at:

  • Select Components: click Windows Explorer Integration, Git Bash, Git GUI.
  • Adjusting you PATH environment: Click third option (Run Git and included Unix Tools …)
  • Configuring the line ending conversions: click the first option (Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings)


The TerraLib library is split into several modules providing different functionality, therefore, each have a particular set of dependencies.

Microsoft Visual C++ users can download and unpack the third-party libraries compiled for building 32-bit or 64-bit version of TerraLib with Qt4 or Qt5 support from here:

32-bits-with-Qt4 (ZIP ~66 Mbytes)

32-bits-with-Qt5 (ZIP ~66 Mbytes)

64-bits-with-Qt5 (ZIP ~66 Mbytes)

64-bits-with-Qt4 (ZIP ~66 Mbytes)

Once the environment is ready you can download the source code and build the library.

The following tables show some dependencies required to compile TerraLib modules, however the most updated list is under DEPENDENCIES.txt file located under the terralib root directory.

  • terralib_common
  • terralib_classification
  • terralib_color
  • terralib_datatype
  • terralib_plugin
  • terralib_xlink
  • terralib_xsd
  • terralib_xml
Boost 1.54.0 Boost
LibIntl LibIntl
Log4cxx 0.10.0 Log4cxx
  • terralib_srs
Proj4 4.8.0 Proj4
  • terralib_xerces
Xerces 3.1.0 Xerces-C++
  • terralib_geometry
  • terralib_annotationtext
  • terralib_filter
  • terralib_gml
  • terralib_raster
  • terralib_memory
  • terralib_symbology
Geos 3.3.9 Geos
  • terralib_maptools
  • terralib_ogr
  • terralib_gdal
Gdal 1.10.0 Gdal
  • terralib_statistic
  • terralib_rp
  • terralb_qt_widgets
  • terralib_serialization
  • terralib_qt_af
  • terralib_vp
  • terralib_qtplugins
  • TerraView;
QT 4.8.6 Qt
QWT 6.1.0 QWT
  • terralib_terralib4
TerraLib 4 Only in 32-bits Version of the third-party libraries