Análise preliminar das áreas em situação de vulnerabilidade socioambiental de São Sebastião (Litoral Norte, SP)


Tathiane Mayumi Anazawa (
Flávia F. Feitosa (
Antônio Miguel V. Monteiro (
Felipe Augusto Ventura da Silva Alfaya (


The present work aims to obtain a preliminary analysis of the expression of territorial socioenvironmental vulnerability in São Sebastião, Litoral Norte, SP, seeking to answer the following question: is the population equally exposed to the same risks and hazards? As an a priori response, the Socio-Environmental Vulnerability Index (IVSA) was elaborated, through which is made the overlap of variables that represent the dimensions of vulnerability: (a) socioeconomic variable: State Social Vulnerability Index (IPVS), (b) environmental variables, expressed through the construction of risk zones that consider the proximity to the ocean (risk of mean sea level elevation) and slope (risk of landslides), © sanitation variables, whose inaccessibility and the resulting condition of precariousness can be expressed by data from the water mains, sewage disposal and solid waste. The IVSA was superimposed on the urbanized area of the two areas of São Sebastião, obtained through the fusion of multispectral Landsat 7 images (ETM+ – 30 m) and a CBERS 2B panchromatic image (HRC - 2.5 m) in order to determine which population is exposed to risks. The unit of analysis is the cellular space, which aims to mix information from different sources. The result of the IVSA to areas I and II showed that the population living near the ocean is in a very high exposure to social and environmental vulnerability. The populations of the remaining areas, further from the ocean, have a medium to high vulnerability in area II.

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