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1 /* Copyright (C) 2008 National Institute For Space Research (INPE) - Brazil.
3  This file is part of the TerraLib - a Framework for building GIS enabled applications.
5  TerraLib is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
6  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
7  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License,
8  or (at your option) any later version.
10  TerraLib is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
11  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
13  GNU General Public License for more details.
15  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
16  along with TerraLib. See COPYING. If not, write to
17  TerraLib Team at <terralib-team@terralib.org>.
18  */
20 /*!
21  \file terralib/rp.h
23  \brief This file contains include headers for the TerraLib Raster Processing module.
24 */
29 // TerraLib
30 #include "rp/AbstractFeeder.h"
31 #include "rp/Algorithm.h"
35 #include "rp/Blender.h"
38 #include "rp/Classifier.h"
44 #include "rp/ClassifierStrategy.h"
45 #include "rp/Config.h"
46 #include "rp/Contrast.h"
47 #include "rp/Exception.h"
48 #include "rp/FeedersRaster.h"
49 #include "rp/Filter.h"
50 #include "rp/Functions.h"
51 #include "rp/GeoMosaic.h"
52 #include "rp/IHSFusion.h"
53 #include "rp/Macros.h"
54 #include "rp/Matrix.h"
55 #include "rp/MixtureModel.h"
60 #include "rp/Module.h"
61 #include "rp/PCAFusion.h"
62 #include "rp/RasterAttributes.h"
63 #include "rp/RasterHandler.h"
64 #include "rp/Register.h"
66 #include "rp/Segmenter.h"
67 #include "rp/SegmenterIdsManager.h"
74 #include "rp/SegmenterStrategy.h"
76 #include "rp/SequenceMosaic.h"
77 #include "rp/Skeleton.h"
79 #include "rp/StrategyParameters.h"
80 #include "rp/Texture.h"
81 #include "rp/TiePointsLocator.h"
86 #include "rp/TiePointsMosaic.h"
87 #include "rp/WisperFusion.h"
90 /*!
91  \defgroup rp Raster Processing
93  \brief This module provides classes and functions with raster processing capabilities.
95  Basically, the TerraLib Raster Processing module contains several processing operations applied to an image.
96  The main classes/concepts in this module are listed here. The namespace associated to the Raster Processing module is te::rp.
97  To know more about it, see the te::rp namespace documentation.
98 */
100 namespace te
101 {
102  /*!
103  \brief Namespace for Raster Processing module of TerraLib.
104  */
105  namespace rp
106  {
107  /*!
108  \brief Namespace for Radar Raster Processing.
109  */
110  namespace radar
111  {
112  } // end namespace radar
113  } // end namespace rp
114 } // end namespace te
116 #endif // __TERRALIB_INTERNAL_RP_H
Raster segmenter strategy factory base class.
Raster decomposition using mixture model.
Raster Processing algorithm input parameters base interface.
Creation of skeleton imagems.
Dummy strategy (just for testing purposes).
Abstract objects feeder.
A structure to hold the set of GLCM metrics.
Maximum a posteriori probability strategy.
KMeans strategy for image classification.
Performs raster data registering into a SRS using a set of tie points.
Raster classification.
Blended pixel value calculation for two overlaped rasters.
Extraction of attributes from Raster, Bands, and Polygons.
Spectral Response Functions.
EM (Expectation-Maximization) strategy for pixel-based classification.
Tie-Pointsr locator SURF strategy.
Raster Processing algorithm base interface class.
Tie-Pointsr locator strategy.
Performs arithmetic operation over raster data.
Raster mixture model strategy factory base class.
Exception class.
Raster Processing functions.
Raster Processing algorithm output parameters base interface.
Tie-Pointsr locator Moravec strategy.
Segments IDs manager.
Contrast enhancement.
This singleton defines the TerraLib Raster Processing module entry.
Region Growing segment.
WiSpeR fusion.
URI C++ Library.
Raster region growing segmenter Baatz strategy.
Raster strategy parameters base class.
Create mosaics from a sequence of overlapped rasters using an automatic tie-points detection method...
Create a mosaic from a set of geo-referenced rasters.
Raster tuple.
Raster linear strategy for mixture model classification.
Generic template matrix.
Spectral Angle Mapper classification strategy.
Raster classifier strategy factory base class.
Raster region growing segmenter Mean strategy.
Raster segmenter strategy base class.
A series of well-known filtering algorithms for images, linear and non-linear.
Segments block.
Raster segmenter strategy parameters base class.
Raster mixture model strategy base class.
TiePointsLocator locator.
Radar Raster Processing functions.
Raster classifier strategy base class.
Create a mosaic from a set of rasters using tie-points.
PCA (Principal Component Analysis) strategy for mixture model.
Raster objects feeders.
ISOSeg strategy for segmentation-based classification.
Creation of skeleton imagems.
Dummy strategy (just for testing purposes).
TiePointsLocator input parameters.
Creation of skeleton imagems.