TerraLib and TerraView Wiki Page

TerraLib Developer's Guide - Source Code Instructions

In the root directory of TerraLib codebase (in the source code tree) there are some text files explaining the details of the codebase:

  • BRANCHES: Notes on how to switch to the right branch to work on or the right tag to get the source code.
  • BUILD-INSTRUCTIONS: Notes on how to compile and install TerraLib and TerraView for each platform.
  • CHANGELOG: List of changes in TerraLib and TerraView source code. Not available yet!
  • DEPENDENCIES: The list of third-party library you must install before building TerraLib and TerraView.
  • COPYING: Licence statement in plain txt format.
  • README: Contains instructions about how to build and how is organized TerraLib plataform source code.

After reading the instructions in the above documents, please, read the Source Code Organization section.