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TerraView 5.x - Main concepts and its correspondence in previous version

The new concepts adopted in TerraLib/TerraView 5.x are summarized here in a way users of TerraView 4.2.2 will quickly understand what to get when converting a database created in previous version to TerraView-5.x.

From: TerraView 4.2.2 To: terraView 5.x Rationale
DataSource Data Source is a location from where to pick up data (Postgis Database, Microsoft Access Database, Directory of Vector files, Directory of Raster files and URL)
ConnectorIt is used to registry an existing datasource (or to create an empty one) into a file called datasource.xml
Project File (*.tview) It keep a list of all DataSources registered and for each Layer it keep a reference to a dataset, SRID and style of visualization (point/line/polygon style)
Layer Explorer It lists all Layers referenced in a Project
ProjectionSRID It is a code given by EPSG to each known projection
Infolayer-VectorVector Dataset It is a dataset stored into the datasource defined by the user
Infolayer-RasterRaster Dataset It is a raster file stored in a Directory defined by the user (outside the database)
Tabular LayerTabularIt is a dataset stored into the datasource defined by the user
External TablesTabularIt is a dataset stored as a tabular layer into the datasource defined by the user
ViewMap DisplayA View can be compared to the Map Display (the view projection is the Map Display SRID adopted to visualize all layers)
ThemeLayerLayer showed in a Map Display (reprojected to the Map Display SRID)
Theme VisualLayer StyleThe Visual concept is the Layer Style stored inside the Project file

The diagram bellow shows the main concepts adopted and the relationship between them.