Menu Bar

1. File Menu

TerraView uses the concept of Project to save the state of a working session.  The project file is saved in XML format and keeps information about number of layers added, layer style, layers classification (Legend).  Another xml file  keep information about the datasources used.  This two files can be saved by demand and when the application is closed.

Click on File > Save Project, Save Project as or create a New Project The project name informed here is the name of the xml file that keep information about the project.

Click on File > Open Project or File > Recent Projects to open an existing project (*.xml).

Click on Save as Image to save the content visualized at the Map Display in a file in one of these formats
jpeg, bmp or png (to use in papers, documents, etc).

Click on File > Exit to close the TerraView Application.

2. Project Menu

Click on Project > Add Layer...  to add layers to the project and choose the layer type:

Click on Project > Add Folder define a folder and organize better your layers into the layer explorer.  Move (drag/drop)  layers into this folder. If a folder is removed, all  layers inside are also removed (only its references).

Click on Project > Remove Layer(s)  to remove the selected layers.

Click on Project > Rename Layer... to rename the selected layer.

Click on Project > Properties... to see Title, Author, Location and Description of a project.

Hints: To display something go to Layer Explorer and select some layer(s). To draw the selected layers go to the Map Display and choose Draw. To save the project go to  File Menu.

3. View Menu

Click on View Menu to set or unset items which will compose the Main Window.  

Usually the default settings are only  Map Display, Layer Explorer and Tool bars to keep the drawing area as big as possible. The other options can be set and unset when necessary.

4. Layer Menu

The tools in this menu reflect operations on a selected layer. The tools are:

Operations tools:

Visualization tools:
Shows/Hide components associated with selected layer.

Selection tool:

Spatial Reference System Tool:

Property tool:

5. Map Display Menu

The tools in this menu reflect operations over the datasets presented on the map display or selected in the layer explorer. These tools are grouped according with the functionality as described bellow:

Drawing tools:

Selection and information tools:
NOTE: The selection tool is valid  over the 
selected and box-checked layers. If the associated Table, or some  graphics  like Histogram are visible, the same objects will be also highlighted (brushing).

Visualization and navigation tools on the layer:

Measure Tools. This tools consider the Map Display SRID.

Spatial Reference System Tool:

Right-Clicking over any point over the map display shows the same Map menu as a context menu.

NOTE: Some tools/actions affect only the selected and box-checked layers,  others affect all box-checked layers and others affect only the map display.

6. Tools Menu

    The tools in this menu are used to customize the application, explore the data sources and also to exchange data.These tools are shortly described bellow:

7. Plugins Menu

8. Processing Menu

    Navigate each entry to see all the  functionalities available.

9. Help Menu

From here the TerraView Help manual is accessed.