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From the table below you can download environmental data usually used for modeling species distribution, considering Brazil and Brazilian Legal Amazonia geographical limits

To select only specific climatic variables, click Here.

Considering the limits of South America, there are only single files containing Climatic Data and Vertical Distance to the Nearest Drainage data.

DADOS Limite
BRAZIL Legal Amazon
Single File ALL ALL
Climatic Data ALL ALL
Walsh Index  
Vegetation Map
MODIS - Percent Tree Cover
Soil Map
Vertical Distance to the Nearest Drainage (Hand) *

Drainage Density
Administrative Units
Mask **
* Select only one Hand grid file, according to your application.
** Mask indicates the geographical limits of valid data.

Climatic Variables :

Nome Varivel Brasil Legal Amazon
prec1 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - January
prec2 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - February
prec3 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - March
prec4 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - April
prec5 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - May
prec6 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - June
prec7 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - July
prec8 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - August
prec9 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - September
prec10 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - October
prec11 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - November
prec12 Average Monthly Precipitation (mm) - December
tmax1 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - January
tmax2 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - February
tmax3 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - March
tmax4 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - April
tmax5 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - May
tmax6 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - June
tmax7 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - July
tmax8 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - August
tmax9 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - September
tmax10 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - October
tmax11 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - November
tmax12 Average Monthly Maximum Temperature (C *10) - December
tmin1 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - January
tmin2 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - February
tmin3 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - March
tmin4 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - April
tmin5 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - May
tmin6 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - June
tmin7 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - July
tmin8 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - August
tmin9 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - September
tmin10 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - October
tmin11 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - November
tmin12 Average Monthly Minimum Temperature (C *10) - December
tmean1 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - January
tmean2 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - February
tmean3 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - March
tmean4 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - April
tmean5 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - May
tmean6 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - June
tmean7 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - July
tmean8 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - August
tmean9 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - September
tmean10 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - October
tmean11 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - November
tmean12 Average Monthly Mean Temperature (C *10) - December
bio1 Annual Mean Temperature
bio2 Mean Diurnal Range (Mean of monthly (max temp - min temp))
bio3 Isothermality (BIO2/BIO7)(*100)
bio4 Temperature Seasonality (standard deviation *100)
bio5 Max Temperature of Warmest Month
bio6 Min Temperature of Coldest Month
bio7 Temperature Annual Range (BIO5-BIO6)
bio8 Mean Temperature of Wettest Quarter
bio9 Mean Temperature of Driest Quarter
bio10 Mean Temperature of Warmest Quarter
bio11 Mean Temperature of Coldest Quarter
bio12 Annual Precipitation
bio13 Precipitation of Wettest Month
bio14 Precipitation of Driest Month
bio15 Precipitation Seasonality (Coefficient of Variation)
bio16 Precipitation of Wettest Quarter
bio17 Precipitation of Driest Quarter
bio18 Precipitation of Warmest Quarter
bio19 Precipitation of Coldest Quarter